material: alpaca, mohair, silk, merino yarn and nepps, plywood, flax, sugar cane yarn

photos: Krzysztof Durmaj, Katarzyna Sojka
model: Aleksandra Szajnecka

woman sitting in the wooden object made with Dominika's fabric

TOUCHES. A collection of tactile Jacquard objects: Dominika’s diploma collection is a series of five abstract tactile objects with therapeutic properties, stimulating the sensation of touch while aiming to question and challenge the hegemony of sight in design. The project was a response to the ever greater presence of touch-starvation in the developed world, a result of the pandemic as well as increasing dominance of the online sphere. In the process the idea for soft, haptic sculptures, “cuddly toys” for grownups came into being, where the tactile effect is amplified by the three-dimensional design of the textile. Each object is made from a different natural raw material, chosen for its specific capability to stimulate the sense of touch. The tactile connection between person and object results in protracted interaction and focussed reception of the project. The collection is ‘deprived’ of colour so as to underline the texture of the materials while the forms are abstract enough for the recipient to define their function.

woman standing with a pillows made from Dominika's fabric on her head

Exhibitions and competitions:

Color Trend Report spring-summer 2023 / Francq Colors

Font Nie Czcionka 2021 / the best Polish art and design graduate projects 

Design32 / exhibition of the best Polish design graduate projects / Akademickie Centrum Designu / Łódź / 2022

Rondo Sztuki in Katowice / 2022