material: fibre waste

RESTKI is a project centred on the reworking and hardening of fibre production waste  obtained from textile manufacturers.

The main goal of this project is to research the possibilities of reusing leftover yarn to produce new materials and to fulfill REST Studio’s zero waste approach as a textile producing studio.

As weavers, we constantly have to deal with fibre waste, so we strive to turn it into something useful or simply visually pleasing.

Various types of fibre are used, both natural and synthetic, which result in diverse visual effects - some with visible fibre structures, others as a uniform mass. Aside from aesthetic considerations, each type of fibre offers different characteristics – wool fibres create firm, spongy textures, while using linen results in stone-like hardness.

All samples are made using plant-based adhesives.

The project is currently in development phase.

hand holding object made with RESTKI material